Friday, October 29, 2010

Changing My Lifestyle

How hard it is to change one's lifestyle. Today, I just had a can of coke and orange chicken with white rice for lunch. I know it is wrong, but emotional and mental pressures seem to coax me to eat what I want and not what is right for me. I seem to have lost all self-control, that it is my environment and not me who is controlling my life. That is really wrong and I have to change that.

I am now on my second week working for Microsoft as a fulltime SDET. A big change in career, and supposed to be something that would pump me to be a better person than who I was. But I'm afraid in the personal aspect, things have gotten worse. Because of stress (I blame myself for this), I don't have enough energy to enjoy things outside of work anymore. I have to fix this, else I will not be who I want to be.

It is even a miracle that I am writing this post right now. It is just that self-realization has made me think that change has to come into the picture, that I have to push myself to change. It really is very easy to say that, it really is easy to make plans, but to act out on those plans is super hard. That is the challenging part for me.

I have to improve myself. I have to lose weight, I have to do more of my hobbies often, I have to learn how to do my time management better, and I have to plan this well. The way I carry myself now makes me feel so miserable and depressed that I am emanating this moldy aura. Not good at all.

What I will do I am keeping to myself for now. But for sure, I have to change.