Tuesday, October 04, 2005

(100405):7:54PM This atrocious feeling

This word suddenly popped into my mind - atrocious.
One entry found for atrocious.
Entry Word: atrocious
Function: adjectiveText: 1 extremely disturbing or repellent -- see HORRIBLE 12 extremely unsatisfactory -- see WRETCHED 1
(as to Merriam-Webster's online dictionary).
As to my recent MSN messenger tagline - "Love is not a chance but a choice." When I was still in college, I always argued with my ex-professor that love was not purely a choice but also partly a feeling. We reached a common ground concluding that feelings are what we call 'spices' in this context of love but love is not merely a feeling but mostly a choice. This is where we reach the context of atrocity, the atrocity of this feeling of mine. Why atrocious? Because I'm feeling it again and I can't help it. Yes, I can help prevent it by staying away from that source of this atrocious feeling (and this is where the context of deciding comes). How difficult it is to make that decision - deciding whether to stick with it or get away from it. Another cliche: LOVE HURTS. Indeed it does - if you get to be dragged by this atrocious feeling. Arrrgghhhhh!@#! And another cliche: History repeats itself. Then again, i did not escape the atrocious feeling. Unlucky me.


Anonymous said...

NAH - JUST A WEIRD FEELING I'm having. Maybe the reactions are similar but truly this is not LOVE. Wanting to feel the feeling but definitely not love.Ü - wax

Anonymous said...

sure ka wax?