Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Heroes and Me

Today is the birthday of Jose Rizal. I wonder if most Filipinos know this. All we know is Rizal Day - which I bet because it's a holiday - meaning no work and no school. Am I right or am I right? :D But Rizal's birthday? I guess no X marks the spot (the spot on the calendar).

There's this TV series - Heroes. I love watching it - I get amazed by their powers, imagine superstrength, the ability to fly, the ability to heal one's self. But despite their amazing abilities, do they use these abilities to help people? Maybe in the first series their powers aren't in full blast yet 'coz they are still in the discovery process, but I do hope their powers will be put into good use later on. Yes, I see Hiro Nakamura drawing the sword and killing Sylar.. but I'm still straining on my seat waiting for the explosive action - where the focus will be their helping people, not their personal lives.

I went to the doctor yesterday for our company's annual checkup. Then the doctor told me I either am an anemic or I have a heart problem. I would have loved to tell her - yes doc, I really have some serious heart problems. Haha. Well not really serious. I am just joking. Then my friends keep teasing me - and they tell me I am very choosy. I really am not. Honestly (why so defensive?). Haha. Ano nga ba type ko?
a.) God-fearing
b.) Has a stable job.
c.) Funny. Could mingle well with different kinds of people. Not boring.
d.) Mabait
e.) Di seloso

++ .. add-ons:
a.) Sporty
b.) Lingaw.
c.) Luvs dogs.

yan lang man... di naman yan madami eh. Diba? ^_^ Pero I guess.. yup.. what they say is really true. Usually what you're looking for will not be the one that you will find.

Just a Few Realizations

It's weird. I haven't written for the past weeks - I used to be such an avid writer, like a little child skipping to a toy store. And now, I seem to have lost my inspiration. But I will try writing. So here it is..

I am not supposed to write now. Like most boring lunches that I have (I just eat by my PC, so I would not consume extra time going out of the office, and at the same time save money), I browsed through my friendster profile and viewed the people who viewed me. How come they view my profile? Haha. :D Yeah maybe some getting news on what's happening to "waxie". I get to see new people - and most of the time returning the "favor" - by viewing their profiles too. Anywayz, I scoured the list and was able to view the profile of a guy who works in the same industry as me and.. opened his blog up. And ... I was reminded that I have my own blog too! X_X I just read, and read (well not really all but a few entries) and had a few realizations: like what he's experiencing - many people want to resign from their jobs (whoa, the philippines has very minimal job opportunities and people are leaving their jobs?! Seems like that is pretty ironic huh?), I am far from my dreams (like him, I wanted to pass the PhilNITS exam, he passed, can I?) ... and the IT industry is not my permanent field. I have always loved solving things, tinkering stuff and just analyzing just for the heck of analyzing. Maybe I can do well in another field (like what, veterninary? I really really don't know). I really am confused. Enlighten me?

I was thinking of doing freelance work for the past weeks. I have been doing well with art when I was in high school and college - so why not merge art with my field? Why not learn photoshop and flash? One major reason is maybe I'm too tired with my current work that I don't have the energy to venture into other fields anymore. But what's the use of the PC? Maybe this is one step to realizing my dreams - and most importantly add even just a little to my funds. I have been so hard-headed, and was not really exerting that much effort on this. I should. And maybe I would have fun...

Oh, just for an update. I was able to finish the interpreter. Seems like this is the wrong time to post this news. Haha. I just think this is old news. I do hope teachers would base their grades not on how the thing looks but on how the thing works. I designed it in the cleanest and most structured way that I can. And still, the design was not focused on - it was the look that became the spotlight. Two weeks of no sleep and all she saw was the UI. But still, I give myself a... 4.5 for effort. ;) Hope she did too. Anywayz, I passed the subject. Thank God.