Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Remembering the Past

I usually get teary-eyed when I find myself recalling old memories, memories of what was, what made me who I am right now. These are the tidbits of thoughts that make me melancholic and sort of dramatic, and sometimes make me pinch myself just to remind me that I am indeed sashaying with reality.

What Goes Up Must Go Down

That is what my Papa always reminded me. I was born into a prominent family or shall I say "clan" in my city, and have always found myself proud of this. Sad to say though, a family name cannot pay the bills, or the school tuition, or provide food on the table. I can say I matured at a very early age. When my parents fought due to financial issues, they thought that at a young age of 10 I would still be very naive of such things, but fortunately (I really can say that), they were wrong. I pushed myself to be courageous in many matters - such as putting a brave front talking to the school finance to allow me and my brother to take the final exams despite not paying the tuition (being a grade schooler at that!).

Don't take my parents wrongly. They tried to do their job of providing for me and my brothers, but due to unfortunate business decisions, we had to literally live a paycheck-to-paycheck life. Sometimes even to the negative. Even though we literally had nothing and we could not afford wants, sometimes even needs, they sent us to the best schools, and put our education at the topmost priority. That was the wisest decision my parents made and I am very much thankful for that.

I believe the experience of hardship is a very good inspiration. A lot of people ask me what pushes me to crave for "magis" and just to live life at my best capacity. My childhood experience is my whip akin to the carrot of a horse. I never strove to be rich for the sake of being rich, I wanted to just have enough, so that my family can live comfortably. Or to eat a hotdog without peeling the skin (that is for another story).

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