Thursday, March 03, 2011

Pouring Everything In

It has been a few days now, where I just can't seem to progress. Lots of thoughts have been entering my mind (and never exited), so that is why it is a must for me to write in the next few minutes - just to pour everything in, just to let those thoughts out. I need to clear my mind so that I may be able to think clearly. So here it goes ...

About Loving.

To love is a choice. Oh yes. But it's not that simple - it comes with a lot of baggages. You have to learn to understand (a lot of this!), and you should not be stupid in the process. Yes, one has to accept but one also has to recognize what is wrong from right. We have our thresholds and there will definitely be a time when you would not be able to take it anymore. In the process of squeezing out all those tears, breathing out, and just thinking that things will be ok, you know deep inside that eventually, things have to change. Change has to come in early, else whatever grudges you hold now will haunt your relationship later. Then it will all be too late.

About Friendship.

Friends should not treat you like a kid. They can advice, but they should comfort too. Sure, they can point out your mistakes but they should not leave you feeling so stupid. True friends put themselves into your shoes and if they feel you took the wrong road, they should be able to inform you up front, and not talk to other people about what you have done wrong. True friends not only talk to you because they can benefit from you, but engage in conversations just for the heck of it. True friends don't come to you only in times of need, or only when they need someone to talk to. That for me is really an insult. I can be very understand, but really I cannot understand that.

I used to not pick my friends. My usual thought was everyone has the biggest potential to be a good friend. As I matured, that belief changed. I began to recognize which ones stick through thick and thin, and which ones stink. I began to recognize which ones are users, and which ones are real. I began to recognize which ones would defend you when needed, and which ones would talk to you behind your back. The process broke my heart a lot of times, and made it hard for me to trust people anymore, but believe me, in the mud, there is gold. There are still those friends who would always lend an ear to listen, and would not blab things to others. There are still those friends that you know you can trust, that would never tarnish your reputation.

About Family.

Whatever everyone says, make your family your priority however far they may be.

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