Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Losing Weight

It is soooo hard to lose weight! How I wish I can go back to my high school days and take advantage of my skeleton like body and eat all my favorites (and maybe suffer high blood pressure as well and die of heart attack?) I don't care! Haha. As long as I can eat my favorite bbq, fried stuff, lechon, tempura, all the pasta I want (I recently have taken to the liking of spaghetti - all kinds!) and all the chicharon in the world.

But oh well, I will remain a hapless individual who does not have the luxury to do that anymore. I thought my luck would not run out, but oh well, I have no choice now but to really lose weight. Morning exercises, pretending that yummy food is not yummy at all, aching muscles, and unfriendly weighing scale trips. And not to mention looking at my "salva vidas" in the mirror and pinching them a million times to prove to myself that they are real.

I'm officially on my second day of trying to lose weight. Give me 90 days, and we will see the results if my personal "surgery" has worked its wonders.

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