Friday, July 02, 2010

Ramblings of a Bored Person

I can't believe it. I am jumping from one blog to another! ( Just goes to show that I am really really bored. Giant (my boyfriend) is in South Africa and I really don't have someone I can confide to right now. I feel like I am less human or something - it's like a part of me is missing (nyahaha so corny, but nevertheless, whatever you think, that is how I feel =P So bear with me. You might get to hear lots of rants about me missing him but what the heck, this is my blog, so let me be!).

I don't want to talk about work here (that's on another blog, I was thinking of starting a UI testing blog. Effective UI testing, so as to push myself to learn more about UI testing and it's wonders. Ladida. Ladidoo.) I just want to talk about life in general. Yes, boring, but what else can I talk about?

I have started to pick apart the threads of relationships in the past few months. How do you define an effective relationship? Does a relationship even have to be effective? To say a relationship is effective sounds like it is forced. It would be better if a relationship is natural, informal. Many people treat having a relationship as a serious thing (well indeed it is serious but one does not need to act like he/she's getting married tomorrow!). A relationship too is having fun. Not fun in a way where you get to have lots of drinking and stuff, but it's having fun in a way where both you and your partner get to be natural with each other - get to laugh a lot, and bask in each others' presence (no nudity necessary =P). I say, that is effective - without effort. I was soo scared in getting into a relationship. I was afraid of getting too "mature". One needs to balance things - acting like a child sometimes is forgiveable (it adds to the fun too!), but one needs to know when to be mature. Understanding is a main ingredient, but spice is mandatory else the relationship will be bland and forgettable. Well enough with this relationship topic. What else do I want to talk about?

I lost 3 pounds in 3 days. Well how about that? A pound a day. That is an achievement! :) Being vegan on weekdays really helps a lot. Not to mention exercising every morning, and looking at oneself in the mirror and be convinced that you are fat. Don't think I'm anorexic or binging or something, I am not. I seriously am overweight now. I have gained 20 pounds eversince I got introduced to US fastfood and daily cuisine. I am really not blaming it on the food. I am blaming it on myself - for the lack of self-discipline. That is why I am pushing for change - and hoping that I will still recover and regain my old self-confidence. I can say it is hard being overweight, it's so hard to lose weight! But I just have to believe in my self-discipline. I have to whip myself and prove to myself that I can reach my goal in losing weight.

It really feels good to write and just to vent. I know what I have written so far is boring, don't worry, the next few days I will try to be more creative. So brace yourselves. ;)


joolean said...

welcome back to the writing state, wax :D

your boyfriend's name is Giant? as in Doraemon? =P

waxie said...

Gerardo. :) I call him giant because he is a giant. hehehe.