Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Second Chances

Can I say I am happy? I guess I am. :) Why? Because of second chances.

I was raised in a family that just had enough. I was never spoiled and was happy with hand-me-downs from cousins. I appreciated simple things and was easily content with simple pleasures. Climbing trees and breathing in salty air from the beach were glorious moments for me - rather than attending expensive concerts or eating in fancy restaurants. This simplicity defined me as a person and I am proud of that.

I cannot say that money was not an issue. It was always an issue. My parents thought I did not understand the reason behind their quarrels before - but even as I child, I already had the hindsight for such things. Despite our stature in life, I always had a positive nature and have always believed in second chances.

Looking back, it was hard, real hard that I can't believe I am in the position I am in right now. My father has always told me that people at the bottom would always have the chance to go up, and people that are at the top do not have that chance anymore. One day, the ones at the bottom will be at the top and the ones at the top would have to eventually give way for the ones going up. I have witnessed that happening and with all these opportunities, I am glad. :)

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