Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I nearly died today

I could have cried immediately but I did not. I just hurried in fear.

I just came from USPS (post office) and decided to just walk the few remaining blocks home. I felt I wanted to shed a few pounds off so why not? A few minutes of walk is nothing. In the last intersection, I thought that I really am looking forward to go home 'coz it is getting cold. I was even conscious of my bubblewrap-like jacket and was thinking that maybe these drivers at the intersection think I look like that mascot of a tire company. When the pedestrian light turned white, I began crossing the street. I was half-way when this SUV swooshed in front of me! I really had mixed emotions. One more step then I'd be dead. I am sure of that. It was so fast. And it ran the damn red light. I could not even think anymore, could not even remember the plate number. I felt so numb that I wanted to cry on the spot. I was thinking many times over that I am so lucky to still be alive. I thought drivers here respect pedestrians but now I seem to have changed my impression. Thank you Lord for still letting me live. Thank you.

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