Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fragments of Memories

Usually the little events in one's life are the ones that occupy the most memory - the ones that are most unforgettable. Like the wail of a premature baby. The small pats of a father during bedtime. The sweetness of freshly cut sugarcane. The soft crash of the waves heard while scribbling crush names on the sand. The bubbles of carbon in a glass of coke while sharing frenzied laughter with cousins. The wet lick of a most cherished pet dog. The constant pitter patter of rain outside jalousied windows. The callous feel of a palm of salt while perched on a wide sineguellas branch on a warm summer afternoon. The smell of newly bought books during school enrollment. A returned smile from a most admired one. A shivering hand held during a cheesy movie. Fried bananas on sticks with housemates on Saturday afternoons. The smell of gutters in Carbon. The shaky elevator rides in Skyrise. The surprising discovery of a male rabbit named Shobe. The tears of a mom bidding farewell. The approaching lights of Los Angeles. The looking forward to seeing Mr. Snowman. The long cold thirty-minute walks to Walmart. Code-scribbling on a whiteboard in an interview room. The call of good news from a recruiter. Heart-felt blogging on a winter's night.

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