Monday, December 29, 2008


I am pretty much bored here. Have accomplished much today - well I think so. Went to church, was able to do all of my laundry, clean my room, do the accounting for the apartment, grocery, discard old coupons, transfer the stuff of the balikbayan box to the new box, rearrange my cabinet (feeling OC na kaayo ko), clean the kitchen, and had lunch with Ma'am Rosa and Carla. It is just 6:27pm here and I am now thinking "What else can I do?". I guess I can throw out trash and clean out everything. I am pretty much alone in the apartment - with greg at this time still travelling from California. I really miss my family. Waah this sounds like a sirang plaka na pero I really miss my family and the compound. I miss my dog duchess. I miss my housemates and my friends. I miss the Philippines. I miss everything. I bought myself a cooking book "Complete Comfort Food" which was highly recommended by my ever buotan na Tita Nora. I am beginning to learn a lot of dishes na and I hope I will improve a lot in cooking 'coz I never found the time to really learn when I was still a teenager. I really envied my cousins for they learned a lot of stuff and I was all the while scurrying with my studies and my school activities. I just wish I have extra baking pans and mixing bowls so I can bake bread here. Waaahh I am yakking here .. even my writing's beginning to sound b-o-r-i-n-g. Tomorrow's another day of work but another holiday is again approaching - meaning, no pay again for me. The disadvantage of a contract worker. Lingawa ko beh. Grabeh ka boring. Unsa pa man ako buhaton dinhi? Chikahi sad ko ninyo beh. Haaaay. Mamatay ko sa kamingaw.

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