Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Taste of Autumn in Snoqualmie

It really is a wonder travelling to the East of Seattle during an autumn day - seeing the cascade of colors blending with each other forming a very pretty picture of red, golden yellow, purple, green, brown and orange. Tito Harry was my tourist guide that day - treating me with a fabulous iHop feast and orienting me with the rich history of Seattle.

It is suprising to note that an urban place like Seattle can be so full of trees. We went to this Log Pavilion in Snoqualmie which is around 45 minutes from Bellevue. This place was where they used to process big logs like this. I feel like a dwarf in front of the giant log!
We then headed towards the Snoqualmie Falls and what a huge disappointment it was! :( The falls was veiled by a fog when we arrived! So Tito Harry and I ventured into a nearby golf course to drink some coffee and took some side trips along the road where I felt so exhilarated with nature's majestic canvass - glassy water surfaces and crunchy hues of red and yellow.
And of course, it wouldn't be complete without me in it! ^_^
Then we decided to go back to the falls - it is worth a shot! We felt that the day would really not be complete without seeing the falls. It was worth the wait!

It was really very cold near the falls. We could see some "kayakers" near the falls. It was good the fog cleared off!I eagerly positioned for a picture with the falls!

And you can hear it's loud fall...
Then at the end of the day we had to bid farewell to Snoqualmie and have dinner with the rest of the gang in Seattle. It was my first time meeting my other relatives here. We ate at this Chinese restaurant - sampling lots of different Chinese (of course) food. Then I had to go 'coz my chauffeur was already waiting outside - honking.
And thanks Tito Harry for tagging along with me! I love Seattle!!! :)
My relatives in Seattle
... and Tito Harry my tour guide! ^_^ (Tito, you are gonna be famous with this picture)

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