Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanks for the Gazillion Breaths

It has been a long and eventful year for me. Too many unexpected happenings - like finally stepping onto the land I have been just imagining eversince I was a child, and working for a software company whose product I have been using for years now. I truly am blessed!
Many people have been too giving to me - too generous to be left unmentioned. I feel like I would burst my bubble if I don't say my thanks now. They have stuck with me through thick and thin - and inspired me to be who I am now. Yeah, yeah, here I am - the melancholic girl again. But it is just this only day of this year that I would be giving a space to the people I am really grateful to. So here it goes...
To my papa - you have been my walking stick, my one true inspiration, my driving force. Thank you for understanding me through the years, for never wavering in your belief in my abilities. Love you pa.
To my mama - for staying upright despite life's difficulties, for being my laughter, for being my best friend. For sticking with us, your family, and for just simply being there.
To my brothers - for simply being good. Nyahaha.
To tita nora - I feel like mura na ko ug sirang plaka. Tita, abot-langit ako pasalamat nimo. You are like my fairy-godmother. Ako dayon si cinderalla. Nyahaha. Thanks for the pumpkin, the glass slippers, and the opportunity. Prince charming nalang kulang.
To my baloy relatives - for the faith. for the love. i miss you guys.
To my HOW housemates - for the fun, the company, the food, the events, the single overnight because of the "baha". For accepting shobe as your extended housemate, for the banana-cues every saturday and sunday afternoon, for the lami kaayo na food every christmas party, for the movie marathons, for the warm love. charmous ginamos. thank you.
To rex and levon - for all the advices and the Red Moon lunches, for the serious career talks and mga walay klaro na sturya, salamat.
To ballotie - for unexpectedly being a very, very good friend to me (hahaha, unexpected bitaw jud lotie). For sticking with me through thick and thin. Mingaw na ko sa imo bayhana ka. =P
To master inting - for allowing me to resign. Hehehe. For allowing me to chase my dream and for being a very good bossing.
To dan - upgrade from teacher, friend, xcel adviser, life adviser. Thanks dan ha for the listening ear.
To ma'am rosa, carla, edson and dianne - for letting me stay for a few weeks. I couldn't have reached the end of the bridge without your generous support. Charchar! ^_^
To the fairfield pinoy families - for all the wonderful company and delicious food!!!
To greg and AJ - sa inyong daog-daog nako, I tell you - I am not a dinosaur! =P Thanks for making me your little sister sa IA. And I am not a barako! bantay lang jud mong duha.
To Maharishi - for inventing TM and giving me this opportunity. Nyahaha. Jai Guru Dev.
To my ultimate idol, to my father up above - thank you for letting me breath gazillion times more. Thanks for letting me experience this thing called life. For letting me feel, for letting me sing and dance. For letting me think. For letting me write. For letting me love. Thank you.
And to all those who I have left out who've shared a part of themselves even in little ways, sorry. But I do thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Thanks, for just embracing me as your friend. I look forward to being your friend a year more! :)

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