Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Feel Betty-Ful!!!

Many times I feel so bored during my spare time that I wade into the deep waters of Filipino series or what we call "telenovelas". I really tend to be choosy on what I watch - well, I just don't watch everything. I watched Marimar, Dyesebel, and now - I Love Betty La Fea. Hindi ko yon ikinahihiya. I highly recommend it. Even if many may find watching filipino soap operas baduy, whatever yaya! I love Betty La Fea! =P

I really look forward to watching it everyday. It is just the only thing nowadays that really make me laugh. It has been pretty lonely here in Seattle - with my sedentary life of work and apartment. Thanks for Filipino humour and the power of the internet - at least I am still human. :) With Betty, I am not just human, I am Betty-ful! Nyahaha!

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