Thursday, October 23, 2008

Answered Prayers

I remember getting out of my interviewer's room feeling so disappointed of myself. Not another failed interview. The first time I did not make it because of my lack of detail in testing, I succumbed to the tiredness and exhaustion. I felt like I was ready but then I was not for I did not give my all. I had another chance but then I just lost it to yet another misinterpretation. Just because the interviewer said "So that is already done?", and I would reply "Yes I think so". But then she called me back and led me to the next interviewer's room. And I saw a flicker of light ahead of me - the light at the end of a long dark tunnel. Another chance for me.

It was a great start of the week for me. I did not expect to receive the call but my prayers were really answered. They wanted me to be part of the team! And to a team I wanted to be with - the Microsoft WEX team - the team incharge of testing applications' compatibility with Windows 7. I was thinking, I did not mind the pay, I just wanted the experience.

After a month and a half, I finally got hired. The first month, I just let myself be slaved by fear and enveloped my being in my aunt's home - was scared of accepting interviews and appointments. After the first month, I just had to face it all and had to move on. I just had to face things, face the music. I finally got over it and had to recite the Nike motto again and again and again. I accepted all interviews, even the C++ technical interviews I braved to face. But before I was scheduled to go into my noon interview, the call from my recruiter with the good news came. Thank God. I am saved. I do not have to embarrass myself because of the lack of preparation.

So Microsoft, here I come.

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