Sunday, August 10, 2008

On the Verge of Falling

Procrastination is the #1 enemy of programmers who have deadlines everyday as well as the nemesis of students who have deadlines every week and upcoming exams. I might as well face it and extinguish it off me, purge it out and live on with my life. I better start grabbing those books, perch myself on the sofa and prepare myself for the 24 hours of nerve-wracking intense study. The life of a masters student.

The image you see if the first output we had during the first week of our Computer Graphics (CG) class. It was greg who chose this Simpson house model (for I just chose to draw my own Winter Wonderland scene and hoped to capture that image in 2D). But when Greg was able to depict most of the famous cartoon's dwelling on screen making use of Java's 3D APIs, I was inspired to finish the scene and helped him with the surrounding greens, some parts of the house and the finishing touches of Bart's home. I would say it looks complicated enough for you to think it was challenging to make but I think it would really be undermining things if I say it was easy to make. It was the start of the course and we had more than 500 lines of code for a single image. But we really don't blame ourselves for there were still some things that we did not know.

This image should inspire me to study today - and just finish things off with a bang. I still have a final project to finish but I should erase that from my head and concentrate on this upcoming exam. Many people thought CG to be a walk in the park but if you find matrix conversions, trigonometry, and algebra to be easy, think again. I thought at first it was gonna be easy too but I changed my mind 180 degrees on the first day.

But I pray that the exam tomorrow would not be as bad as I anticipated. So help me God.

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