Monday, August 04, 2008

My Reason 08.02.08

The shutter released and there I was smiling
You again did a great job and there I was just tagging
To witness life's miracles and great events
And find its glory and just make sense

But then you thought I came there for the free food
Or maybe you thought I was forced to make you feel good
Being in the middle of things really just excites me
And drifting with you just sets me free

Or maybe you thought I just am always bored
And I've been searching for things to make my life colored
But you know better that pictures can come to life even in black and white
Ostrich and elephants in dreams could take flight, now that would be a sight!

Yes I admit all of these makes me appreciate
The beauty of reality more and makes me have more faith
But that is not really what I am truly after
What I really just want to do is be with the one who releases the shutter

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