Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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I stroll by the water's edge feeling the late afternoon's breeze
Squinting at the sun's farewell rays and minding the chilling squeeze
Of the night that's coming and here I am alone again
Casting my thoughts and wishes and throwing them straight up to heaven

For years I did not mind and just found myself watching
Lovers strolling hand in hand by this long salty stretch kissing
And hugging each other until the sun bids farewell
As I was just content with the idea of being just a nun, that really I can tell

Everyday I lived my life making couples happy
In this kaleidsocopic world of tears, laughter and misery
Extending bunches of flowers day by day that's what I do
They just don't know how sad I am, they just don't have a clue

I then realized that I yearn for something more
I want a new chapter, a new stanza, and open a new door
In this sendentary life of mine I think it needs a sprinkle
Of something different, a spurt perhaps or even a tiny twinkle

Here I am the flower girl not the kind that you see in weddings
I'm just the same as you, as everyone else, I also think of happy endings
One day I'll be given my own flowers and find my own true mate
But really I'm serious, I'm truly looking for a date!

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