Friday, July 11, 2008


I could just laugh at myself. And I thought things were true. Oh my god. How is it that I could laugh and hurt at the same time? Am I becoming crazy? But it really is sad. Liking a guy and thinking that he is sincere and all and then you realize that there is no enough foundation to conclude sincerity unless he REALLY shows them. Then I stumbled across an article from Deanne's site and it was like the truth just slammed into my face and after I read it, I just smiled to myself and thought and thought "SEE?". The good thing is, I cherish friendship and whatever hurts encountered during a relationship I really value the friendship over hurts. At least there's still that thing remaining. So here I am again. Forgetting. And healing. :) A warm feeling and sometimes a headache too. Or shall I say a heartache? But that's what makes life great .. it has this auto-heal though it may take some time. The images keep flashing into my mind and they remind me of reality. Stupid. o_O

I am not supposed to face a computer right now 'coz we have this RC going on and I am supposed to delve into the safer aspects of life and forget pains. The heart clouds the brain. Emotions converted into thoughts and then thoughts are processed and thoughts are again converted into emotions. The vicious cycle.

I have to revert my attention back to what should be worth focusing on. The next few days, I will be restoring attention and restoring life. God help me.. :)

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