Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Perfect Day

I cried today.

It is not as you think. I did not cry because of some moony stuff over love, or because I was angry at someone or because I failed on a test. I cried because of this movie.

Of course! Summerbreak! Nothing to do, and here come the boring days...

I was watching this move "A Perfect Day" lent to me by Ate Cheryl. I was thinking, "Whoa, I've never heard of this movie before and the cover seems pretty plain to me." But I just gone on and watched because I really had nothing else to do (I still need to do some decorating for the dorm but I did not have my heart set on it for this day.) So I watched. Then I cried.

I really don't want to do any movie reviews on this write. I just highly recommend you watching it. It will make you realize the value of life, what you should value, and makes you reflect on the essence of it. My motto eversince I was forced to think of a personal motto is: "Live like it's your last. Love like it's your first." I don't know if I have lived up to that motto, maybe sometimes I think I have but thinking about it, I really have not.

Some of my favorite quotes from the movie:
"....whatever doctors tell you, know this, the heart is a mysterious, powerful tool. Fill it with love, selflessness, faith, and there isn't anything that can't be overcome. You just have to choose the right path...What's the right path?...Why not try praying? You could use it."

"...[Life] is an ongoing game of musical chairs. You leave and somebody takes your place."

"You want to live so you can stay with the ones you love..."

"Life if fragile. Love is not."

They say we should take risks in life. I have been taking too many risks in life that sometimes I am afraid of taking another most especially when that risk affects matters of the heart. Should I still take this risk? I guess many people would say "go on!" and many people think that I am a very strong person not to take risks. I think sometimes too, but sometimes I just think I've had enough. Now, I just hope God would protect me and guide me with all the risks I take. And I just hope that when someday that someone would come into my life and capture my heart, I just hope he would take care of it for having it entails having all of me - not just my heart, but also my soul and my all. I'm scared but sometimes I think I just have to do things to uncover many other paths. Sure, everything's uncertain, but the certain thing is, if we set our eyes even on a dimly lit path, we would surely reach our destination if we just put our hearts into it.

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