Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Meditation Bird

The first time I heard it knocking its beak on the glass window I felt like laughing. How ridiculous it looks - bashing its head on the window's surface and hoping to get inside. It feels the boundary but it is not conscious of the presence. It is a bird for whatever's sake! It cannot know.. it does not know...

There's this robin that is ever present every meditation. It just never gives up - never loses hope. I really wonder why it wants to get inside the meditation hall. Is it because it feels some "deep" vibrations from deep within or is it just curious? I wonder if it feels hurt. But whatever that bird feels everytime it slams into the window, it just doesn't mind the feeling and keeps on doing what it does every meditation time.

Sometimes, we are like this in love. Maybe we are just curious of what's inside or we hope for wonders. We just keep bashing into the window of love, we just keep knocking and never minding the pain and that ever hurtful feeling everytime we bash into it. We are even better than this bird, for we are endowed with better and bigger brains and "human intelligence". But despite this blessing, we just do not use this "thinking" capacity for everytime we face the window of love, it's just as if it (the brain) does not exist and we become stupid. We become so starry-eyed and we forget we are humans.

At first, I did not mind the knocking of the bird and I was just so concerned that what if it will die because of brain hemorrhage (I guess many girls now are hoping for that. haha.). But then, it just doesn't stop, and the knocking becomes noise...The barrier will always be there for the bird. But it just doesn't realize that. As humans, we should realize barriers and learn when to push and when not to push.

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