Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Late Chicago Review

I shake my head and sigh.

It was a month since I was in Chicago. I really can say it is my favorite city - no biases. Well, maybe a little since when I last went there, I was with my friends. Chicago, the Windy City. Sigh. It was the first time I went to a roadtrip with friends. I apologize to Amado (my Egyptian friend) for going there not being THAT prepared. Yes, I printed out maps and maps of the different restaurants and places there, but I did not come up with a fixed itinerary (like I saw him do which is kind of embarassing for me 'coz women do these things. Hahaha! :)). We went there and had headaches on the parking spaces. We had to take long walks from the parking spaces to our destinations ... but all in all, the trip was not too bad. We had a great stay at the Holiday Inn (not to mention it was a long 45 minute drive (I think) from the city proper). The Millenium Park was great though. I thought for me the Navy Pier was kind of boring. The boat ride to the Shedd Aquarium was eye-popping! Hahaha. From the boat, you can get to see the city full-view (and fully appreciate the warmth of the sun, the hugs of the wind, as well as the sound of the gulls). And Shedd Aquarium? Kinda reminds me so much of the Philippines. But I still think nothing beats going to the Philippines and seeing the ocean life in full action through the glass bottom boats or through snorkeling. We tried to go to the planetarium but we felt at that time we did not have enough money for the entrance fee. So we just spent our time lying down on the grass near the place watching the big, sea-like river. I still feel giddy thinking of the trip. Though I missed going to the zoo, still it was a trip to remember. I know this is not a detailed review, but when I feel like writing one next time, maybe I will do. ;)

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