Friday, July 25, 2008

A Fast Post

This will be a long, busy day for me so I might as well take advantage of these few minutes of free time before class to post something in my space. I just finished reading chad's blog and I have been very enamored of the way she presented things that I felt like I should write more articles like that! Thanks chad for the inspiration. Well, all I have been writing in my blog for the past months have been articles about myself that I thought maybe I should write more intelligent articles. I guess I should. This is great. I am excited!!!

I guess my first "intelligent" article will be about my hometown - Cagayan de Oro. I have been talking with a close friend of mine about my favorite spots in CDO; I guess I will be needing additional help from my cousin for visual representations. Hehehe. Ate au help me! I don't know, I really feel like writing something interesting. I feel like I should put this "writing energy" on the roll. I will just update you guys on the progress of my future post.

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