Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And So I Thought

Lucky are those people who are able to express themselves fully with what they do.

I recently just became friends with some people who can fully manifest their creativity and at the same time affect those people they share these creativity with. Kakaiingit! I am still very sleepy right now - my body really wants to crawl back into those sheets but my mind seems to be flying and my hand is cooperating with it! ^_^ I had no choice but to do another blogpost again - even though what I am writing does not have a unified sense into it. Or I guess will not have no unified sense.

Random Words

Service. The word is not worth attaching to oneself; the definition can be fully discovered if this word is attached to people - helping out lots and lots of people. What is it to serve? To feel that most gratifying feeling of giving oneself to others. To sigh with a smug smile on the face. To feel that sense of relief of being able to at least give a piece of oneself. To feel that great sense of joy by acting selfless. Yes. Being selfless and just giving oneself out without thinking of what good you can absorb with an act.

Love. As they say "Love is like a bubble gum, makapilit, makabuang! (Love is like a bubble gum, when it sticks on you, makes you crazy!)". True? Maybe - if you let your emotions reign over your head. There are even times when we promote one tiny feeling of "like" to a feeling of "love". Then we just go crazy and fling ourselves without even thinking. I was like this before. I went moony and... should I say I served? Coz I said in my definition of service that being selfless and giving oneself without thinking of what good you can absorb with an act. I guess service is really done without thinking of oneself but thinking of what you are acting or thinking of the action you are doing. Do you get what I am saying? Sometimes loving is really just selfish. Like all you can think of is making that person like you back (you just feel like you are giving your all but all you really want is requited feelings). True loving is loving someone without expecting that person to love you back. That is the first condition in loving - never expect someone to love you back. It hurts but when you step onto the podium of love, just grab hold of the microphone, give your all but be thick-skinned enough to be able to withstand rounds of rotten tomatoes. But you'll never know - you'd get bouquets of flowers. You wouldn't know. Life is like a box of chocolates, you'll never know what you're gonna get (Except if the chocolates are not assorted of course! Hahaha. That is what we call - boring life).

Anyway.. I just wrote what I felt like writing. My chest hurts again because I haven't bought my medication yet.. later perhaps? ^_^ I gotta find someone to drive me to the pharmacy... or maybe I'll just have to bring myself to walk under the heat.

Oh, the meditation bird does not knock anymore. It seems like he is like a representation of someone in my life (or shall i say, out of my life).. he knocked and I thought he wanted to get in. I was wrong.

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