Thursday, June 05, 2008

Random Thoughts

If I were given 24 hours before I die, what should I do?
- call my parents and tell them that they are the best parents one could ever have. No money could ever replace the traits they have embibed in me.
- I will call my brothers and tell them that I also love them very much despite their hard-headedness before. hehehe. Love you bros! ^_^
- I will mail all my crushes and tell them i liked them before (hehe).
- I will invite my friends to go with me to a seafood restaurant and have a food fest. Eat all I can!!!
- I will reformat my harddrive, reinstall clean OS, and make it ready for use of my brother (now why have I thought of that? o_O)
- I will call my tita nora and tell her that aside from my family, she is one of the most important people in my life
- go to the beach/lake and swim for an hour
- transfer all my savings to my parents' accounts
- Go to my priest and have confession

My Unforgettable Memories (wonderful ones)
- the first time I opened and smelled my new encyclopedia given to me by my parents
- the first time I fell in love
- the time I swam at Baloy beach with fishes around me
- the time I was awarded that award with my father and brother beaming in front
- the time my mother came back
- the time I graduated from high school
- the time I was accepted I became a professional programmer
- the time I grazed my knees during a basketball game but they still wanted me to play
- the time I was sitting at the back of our high school gymnasium gazing at the cows and the clouds
- the time I was on top of the big acacia (was it acacia?) tree near the beach and just gazed at the open sea
- the time I was with my grandma and cousins in the beach eating snacks
- the time me and my cousins ran around the compound while it was raining cats and dogs
- the time when I was on top of the sineguellas tree with a plastic of salt at hand and munching sineguellas
- the time I was smelling the scent of the earth while I was doing gardening in our front yard
- the time when I was reading sappy romance novels in my bedroom
- the times when I had long talks with my papa
- the times I spent watching tv with my brothers and cousins
- the time when my visa for the US was approved
- the time when the plane landed and the first time I set foot on the US

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