Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Okie.. updates. Do I really need to write this? Well I just felt the urge to write something coz I'm feeling like this site is running dry. Hmmm.. what should I write about? About spring break? Nah.. my spring break's been pretty boring. If only I have lots of money, I could go tour round the country. But I have to think of saving my allowance for the time that I will be applying for a job. So what else? Yeah. Good news (well for me that is)!!! I got a driver's permit this afternoon (got only 2 mistakes in the written exam) and now I would be able to bash cars into others' cars! Joke only. Nyahaha. I hope papi will come back from Dominican Republic and buy a new car so I can bash his car (joke again!).

Winter makes us realize the beauty of spring. If winter isn't there, then spring would just be taken for granted - like we take the weather in the Philippines for granted. It is like always spring + summer there. Here, we get to appreciate small sprouts of grass, the burst of a flower and the hop of a rabbit. Signs of spring. Handfuls of happiness. Fun.

Oh btw, I seem like I've put myself into death penalty. Will be taking Advanced Software Development next block and saying hello to everyday quizzes and pure sheer torture (or should we call that a challenge?). Still waiting for my MPP grade. I hope I get to see the first letter of the alphabet. The second letter would still be welcomed with open arms.. just add a plus after it. ;)

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