Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Late Night Blues

Owkieeeeeeeeee... it's 1:16AM Spring Break. Just cannot sleep. Been hoping one of my friends would drop a message and say hi and I just cannot go on and message them because there really is a big possibility that I will just drop and sleep. I don't wanna have the face to message them and then leave them. Why on earth am I writing again? It's been two writes for this day and that is kinda unbelievable for me. Why on earth have I forgotten who I am? I mean, I was the person who loved art so much and who spent most of her time writing. I just came to realize many things when I customized my site today.

I really cannot say I was the one who customized my site because I just copied a CSS script from someone who made this script. Am I making sense? Because I felt like it would be just a waste of time if I were the one to make the css script to customize my page, I just gone on and Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. Wow. Technology. Then I got curious and visited the site of the person from whom I kinda burglarized. Then I saw that she was just 17 (now I know many people have talent even from such a young age) and I then realized with underlined, boldened and capitalized thoughts that I am a computer scientist who is currently taking her masters and has been awakening her artistic side over the years and I'm just grabbing scripts just because I feel tired to make my own. And not to mention it is spring break. (And now my brain keeps shouting that it really is tired. Come on.) Well I'll just try myself for the next few days and relive my css days from college and try to create one of my scripts and get familiarized with photoshop. Now maybe I should start with that.

Now I really got to sleep. Will continue with this tomorrow. ;) Nyahaha.

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