Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Day

1-4:59 am: Intermittent thoughts. Kept waking up.
5am : Got up before alarm. Had to get ready.
5.30: Was having toast as breakfast. Scanned all documents. Checked if everything is in place.
6:10: On the way to US Embassy
6:15: Lined up in front of US Embassy. Papers checked. Schedule double-checked. Was on the list (thank GOd!)
6:20: Already inside the pavilion. Lining up for double-check of papers and acquired number.
8:00: Finger scan.
8:15: Waiting for interview. Talked with a guy who was from Dep Ed and wanted to get a tourist visa. I think he was number 2647. I was number 2689.
8:20: Was still listening on consul's sigh (I kept hearing the interviews of the other hopefuls and I really kept hearing the consul sigh). I then saw her tired and irritated look. I then wished my consul was more cheerful.
8:30: Number 2689 up! Then I walked to window 2 and found the consul to be cheerful not to mention handsome. Thank God!
8:32: Visa approved. America here I come! :) Yellow slip received.
Thank you Lord.


simoncpu said...

Waxie, you're leaving IWC?

waxie said...

yes i guess sime. hahaha. opportunity awaits.