Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Robin Hood and Scrooge Christmas

I am excited. CDO here I come! ^_^

I have been frequenting different malls for the past two weekends. The malls were packed, everyone seemed to be in a hurry and I know the merchants are just laughing by the sidelines. People are being fed into the jaws of commercialism. I used to be one of them. I bought what I felt would be appreciated and did not think of my expenses. I was the opposite of Scrooge but afterwards, I felt like I was robbed by Robin Hood.

Because of my impending plans for early next year, I was forced to save. But even with being spend-thrifty, I realized that it was a nice feeling to have secured finances. Everything is now plotted out, I could now breathe. But still, I have to push myself to tie a leash round my wallet to put all plans into place.

How do we get to buy gifts and at the same time save? Here are some tips I can give:

a.) Don't give out gifts based on what the person wants but on what the person needs. There are more stuff we can buy which is needed than what is wanted. Wants are more expensive than needs. Say for example, you buy an organizer rather than a very expensive hardbound. It would still be appreciated, and in the long run more appreciated. You will have an idea on what he/she needs based on his/her occupation. A writer? A cute pen or a nice notebook. A programmer? A nice book on programming. There are endless options.

b.) Don't buy on impulse. Write all possible gifts you can give on paper. This way, you could discipline yourself to buy what is planned, and not just buy as what you see on the shelves. This way, you'd be right on budget.

c.) Don't bring a large amount of money. Just bring an amoung a margin higher than your budget. This way, you will be forced to buy what is on the list, and avoid changes. The wallet leash will still be on!

d.) Don't buy expensive Christmas wrappers and ribbons. You can make do with colorful papers around your house or artsy stuff from previous projects or even with colorful magazines! People will just tear Christmas wrappers apart. What matters most is what is in the inside, and not the outside.

In my opinion, it would be cheaper to buy gifts rather than give money. Buying gifts would consume energy thereby burning fat and losing weight! It could also assure you that at least the money is spent surely on a thing rather than on something else! :)

Sometimes Scrooge has a point in being thrifty and Robin Hood also has a point in giving...

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