Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Country the Philippines

I really am not that patriotic, but here I am, writing about my country. I recently read an article from Philippine Daily Inquirer and even though the present state of my country hurts me, I just have to chew the facts and swallow them.

I used to be an avid chatter in high school - getting giddy in the fact that I could chat to another person across the globe. Technology bowled me over, and I was ever ready to grasp it. I frequented internet cafes just to browse the net and get into the MIRC. I loved the idea of chatting with someone blue-eyed or red-haired from some country. I was too young back then. But I never intended to meet them in person. I could still envision Little Red Riding Hood and the possibility of being eaten up by the big bad wolf. The world is full of wolves. We ourselves could be the wolves.

I've been in Cebu for three years now and I notice there are a lot of women here who have boyfriends and husbands who are foreigners. It is hard to accept that some of these women (not all) marry their husbands for money and not for love. I've even seen a girl who was just like in the age bracket of 18-20 years old and was with this foreign guy who was like - 50 years old? o_O You think that is marrying for love? The Philippines was used to be known as a country with conservative women - but now I see our women wearing tiny skirts and revealing blouses with their foreign husbands clinging by their sides. Is that to impress? I hope women could show more self-respect than that.

Kudos to technology. Kudos to the brains of it all. We can take advantage of technology to the maximum level but let us not let technology abuse us and our reputation as a country.
Blast to the philosophy that love is a decision. Look around us, our women are "loving" because of this decision. I frequented internet cafes in the past to have fun, but look at women now. They frequent internet cafes to show what is not supposed to be shown and to be teased with the prospect of being able to lift themselves from poverty by sacrificing their self-worth and getting married to someone they don't love or maybe eventually will learn to love. It's all for the money.

This all boils down to our economy problems. Our country's problems. If our country weren't that plagued with political and economic concerns, "real" love could still have prevailed.

Still, all change starts with us.

But are we too blind to realize that fact?

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