Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas in the Philippines

If everything will go as planned, I will really miss my country and Christmas with my relatives here in the Philippines.

"Pasko" is the tagalog word for Christmas in the Philippines. Seems like Filipinos really love festivities! Christmas fever starts as soon as the month with "er" comes (September) and ends until Valentines day. It really is a long stretch.

"Parols" or Philippine lanterns are already hanging from different people's homes. Christmas recipes are already being prepared and the pig to be roasted for Christmas is already being fattened (poor pig!). Like all other nations, Filipinos will be also seen scrambling for gifts in the malls.

When I was still young, we used to play lots of "parlor" games during Christmas. My aunts and titos would shower us with coins to grab together with envelopes of "cash gifts" during Christmas parties. But now that I'm already working, I couldn't have that "cash gift" anymore; Not to mention that my grandparents are already up "there".

We also celebrate this "simbang-gabi" where we go to church early dawn starting Dec. 16 until Christmas day. They say that if we get to complete attending mass until Christmas, you will have the privilege of one wish and that wish will be granted. I was able to perfect it once! But only once. I really dragged myself from bed that time.. There were times when I attended mass just by myself (without my family). But the good thing is, I get to enjoy the free chocolate drinks after mass! ^_^ Not to mention having my wish at the end of the series.

Christmas in the Philippines. Not just a season of joy but a culture.

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