Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Preparing for the Inevitable

When I was still young (well I'm still young but not that young ... hmm, it was hard to admit that part), I dreamt of becoming a nurse. Then I upgraded that dream, I yearned to become a doctor. And when I grew up, I ceased all dreams, and practicality invaded me.

When we are still children, we can dream endlessly - for thinking of practicality is not yet in our spheres. Aspiring to become an astronaut? Why not? Dreaming as a child is endless, everything seems possible. We plow through life propagated by our wondrous dreams and never thinking of giving up.

I wish I could still coax the child in me and relive my dreams. What I am planning for my future is a practical approach, but I still could not deny that it is a part of my dream, a dream I lovingly toiled eversince I was a child. That dream of going out of my box, my sphere of comfort, and attack the world of uncertainties. I am preparing for the inevitable, and letting my soul reach for that dream, and relishing the thought of even just being able to touch the silver lining of the cloud.

Dreams propagate us to live, but living catapults us to our dreams. Never cease dreaming.


Levon said...

Dreams represent our passions in life, and as such can propel us forward; negative illusions only serve to hold us back. I once read that the average person thinks over 400 negative thoughts about himself or herself every day. Our little brains go into motion and we think, "I am not smart enough. My hair looks funny. I cannot possibly do that. I am sure they will pick someone else for the promotion. I am too fat. I am too skinny. I don't make enough money. I can't. I shouldn't. I am scared." 400 times a day we beat ourselves up with these miserable thoughts. Subconsciously these fleeting ideas pop into our minds, destroy our self-confidence, and diminish our potential. These negative illusions might as well be called lies because they simply are not true. Other people do not share the negative illusions we have about ourselves, and those illusions do not come close to reflecting our gifts and talents. We just never give ourselves permission to explore how wonderful we really are. We need to look at ourselves from a different perspective and see ourselves in a different light.

-Seven Minute Change

waxie said...

sus von bilib na unta kaayo ko da! i thought you were the one who wrote everything! hehehe. well, i guess i am guilty and i admit that there are many times i really feel negative or feel i can't do it. But not to brag or something, despite the negativities, I still tend to succeed. Maybe I am just patting my back in advance in case I will not succeed, that is why I think of those stuff. But on the top of everything else, I still remain positive.;)