Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Job and the Extras

I'm having three jobs at the moment - I'm a C++ developer, a researcher, and a cosmetic dealer at the same time. I'm real proud I still have time for my friends, to communicate with my family, and to care for myself. Did you ever have a similar experience like mine? Working multiple jobs? It really is not a walk in the park, but the action takes your mind off things.

I remember when I was still teaching (previous sem) and how I was very eager in earning extra money that I just dived into the single opportunity that was offered to me. And since it would be hitting two birds with a single stone (added professional experience and extra pay), I thought it would be worth the effort. Every tuesdays and thursdays, I climbed five floors and had to prepare lesson plans every weekend. I had to prepare myself mentally and emotionally - face my rowdy and unrelentful class. When it was over, I was real glad. But I admit, I miss the challenge. I was glad I was successful in teaching C to my class.

Whatever jobs we have, we should be grateful. Having jobs means you are important, and you are needed. Be happy. :)

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