Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back from the Dead

I have just replaced my monitor - it is nearly dying. So now, I am staring at a very bright monitor and I love it!

I am again resurrecting this blogsite. I temporarily moved to wordpress but I was having a hard time uploading pictures so I reunited with my old blog. It's nice to discover that blogger is improving their features - we could already switch around blog components, and have more control on our layouts! Good for them and good for us! :) [If you wanna see my wordpress account, go visit waxiedoodle.wordpress.com]

The other week, I was forced to stay home due to measles attack. And I really hated it - if I'm on my bed, it is because I want to be on bed not because of some sickness. But I really had not choice but to stay home and stare at the walls all day. I did not have enough strength to plug my laptop and do some surfing. I just - wasted time and stared at the walls all day. Well not really all day - just around 6 hours. LOL. Still the same.

I was browsing through some blogsites a few hours ago when I accidentally came through an article about a guy who ate 20 kilos of human meat. This was the guy -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armin_Meiwes. I couldn't imagine myself eating human fingers or a part of one's butt! Yuck!! Even if I would be dying and there'd be a human corpse around, I would never never never eat even a nibble of it. Never never. I swear. I wouldn't even eat a part of my pet rabbit - and more so of human flesh!

Then I became more curious of this cannibalism thing. So I searched more on wikipedia and found this article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannibalism . Take a closer picture at the right and you can observe the image above on cannibalism and another image below on Cuisine. What da!!? They are relating Cannibalism and Cuisine!!! LOL. What is this, dining at its finest?

I really am being useless today. I am again fighting a bout of fever, and I still have some other stuff to do in my "extra" work [To earn extra money for Christmas to buy that long-wished camera]. I hate being useless. But I really cannot think well.

Thank God! The affidavit of support from my Tita Nora already arrived! :D Wee!!! I don't feel that sick anymore! :)

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