Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Just a Blank

The thought of having my own internet connection pretty much excites me. Owwwkay.. IT EXCITES ME!!! :) There. Then I can work on how this blog can be read by more people. I really cannot concentrate on making my blog more readable here in the office. I am pressuring myself to work on this thing which two weeks ago I did not have an idea of. Then I was forced to have an idea on this thing. Haha. Do I make sense? I hope I do.

Anyway, I was really hoping I could make a tech blog - some few resourceful pages from which people can learn. I plan to focus on learning C++ and MFC (maybe that would be one part of my blog), then another could be on my journey on learning Photoshop. I really haven't pushed even one button on Photoshop's IDE but in the next few weeks, I hope I can (on weekends). Then I can start writing those articles. Haha. I hope some people will read them. But I really can't write yet without internet connection. Well maybe I can, but I just feel tired writing now without internet connection. I am the type of person who writes directly and post them up immediately in my site. When I write an article, and set it aside for later use, I tend to forget that I have written something. Well, you know me...

Maybe I can then recycle this site as an advice site. I will post some meaningful experiences, reflect on them, and hope my reflections can help you in your decisions. Sounds corny and all but we are just humans, and most of us experience similar things. I do hope people will comment - violent or not, I would appreciate them. :)

And now going back to work ...

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Anonymous said...

hi wax, add me to your blogroll (read: link me)! hahaha! i found you on balot's wordpress blog. hehhe.. . i'll add you too! :D