Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just a Few Realizations

It's weird. I haven't written for the past weeks - I used to be such an avid writer, like a little child skipping to a toy store. And now, I seem to have lost my inspiration. But I will try writing. So here it is..

I am not supposed to write now. Like most boring lunches that I have (I just eat by my PC, so I would not consume extra time going out of the office, and at the same time save money), I browsed through my friendster profile and viewed the people who viewed me. How come they view my profile? Haha. :D Yeah maybe some getting news on what's happening to "waxie". I get to see new people - and most of the time returning the "favor" - by viewing their profiles too. Anywayz, I scoured the list and was able to view the profile of a guy who works in the same industry as me and.. opened his blog up. And ... I was reminded that I have my own blog too! X_X I just read, and read (well not really all but a few entries) and had a few realizations: like what he's experiencing - many people want to resign from their jobs (whoa, the philippines has very minimal job opportunities and people are leaving their jobs?! Seems like that is pretty ironic huh?), I am far from my dreams (like him, I wanted to pass the PhilNITS exam, he passed, can I?) ... and the IT industry is not my permanent field. I have always loved solving things, tinkering stuff and just analyzing just for the heck of analyzing. Maybe I can do well in another field (like what, veterninary? I really really don't know). I really am confused. Enlighten me?

I was thinking of doing freelance work for the past weeks. I have been doing well with art when I was in high school and college - so why not merge art with my field? Why not learn photoshop and flash? One major reason is maybe I'm too tired with my current work that I don't have the energy to venture into other fields anymore. But what's the use of the PC? Maybe this is one step to realizing my dreams - and most importantly add even just a little to my funds. I have been so hard-headed, and was not really exerting that much effort on this. I should. And maybe I would have fun...

Oh, just for an update. I was able to finish the interpreter. Seems like this is the wrong time to post this news. Haha. I just think this is old news. I do hope teachers would base their grades not on how the thing looks but on how the thing works. I designed it in the cleanest and most structured way that I can. And still, the design was not focused on - it was the look that became the spotlight. Two weeks of no sleep and all she saw was the UI. But still, I give myself a... 4.5 for effort. ;) Hope she did too. Anywayz, I passed the subject. Thank God.

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