Thursday, March 01, 2007

A New Addition to the Family

I seem to be in a good mood today. This may have been brought about by my new little sister - a pooch that I bought from my ex-officemate. The ever dog-lover waxie. :)

I remember the first dog that I owned. His name was "Island". He had these little spots around his body - like little islands, thus his name. He was just an "askal" and a mongrel (I was just corrected by my housemate rex that the terms "askal" and "mongrel" are not interchangeable. Askals are "asong kalyes" or street dogs while "mongrel" is a dog breed.) We were afraid that Island would run away so we kept him inside a cage. We then left him a bowl of food. That was our big mistake.. ants began to terrorize his place .. and him too. :'( And when I found him at the end of the day - he was dead. Imagine the anguish of a child - seeing her dog dead. He was still skipping the last time I remembered him alive. Drat ants.

I could talk to you all day 'bout my dead dogs. But I don't wanna do that. Haha. Btw, good thing the deadline of my interpreter project was moved!!! Yipee! Saved by CIT-College Days. Good thing these kinds of occasions exist. Hehehe. They could act as alibis by teachers not to check lousy projects. Hehehe. For now, I see my project as a lousy project but I do hope I could improve it over the weekend. It is far from done. The design's so .. so.. inordered? It's not well-thought. I should revise it and hope to pass a clean one. God bless me.

Anywayz.. it was a long while since I've last posted. I kept adding and changing blogs. When I read back all my entries here, I was laughing (not to mention the corny poems. eew. hehe). So I guess I'll just keep posting to add to the laughs.

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