Friday, January 06, 2006

Blog Forever Unnoticed

Hmm.. I think all my blogs here would go unnoticed, unless I set all those unworldly comments to "ON" and allow all those freaks to advertise here in my blogspot. It's funny how I keep on writing in this blogspot and my words would go unread, like the gray in a splash of colors.
Don't keep on reading if you don't wanna read my blabs about my forever stout love life. It's hard to admit that I have a forever stout love life. Now I'm admitting that I have a forever stout love life. I've been the ever "hopeful" romantic. Not the hopeless one. I've been pretty hopeful. But I seem to be running out of hopes lately. I'm 23, and still loveless. Well, there was once that I have been fooled in going into a "fantasy-like" relationship, wooed by the flowers and not really by the prince (If you can call him a prince). It was really crazy. But this time, I will not be fooled. It's like the old cliche "Picking a needle out of the haystack", since I'm very choosy in a time where I should not be choosy. I'm running out of time! They say I am not but really, I am. To people who are reading this blog, let me know if you've read this by throwing out your comments.


smila said...

28 and loveless :)

Dale said...

Ei, waxie... I've read this stuff a few years ago. It said, "good things do not come to people who wait... but to those wanted them very badly." Don't worry, u r not alone under this dilemma, daghan na ta... hehehe... i can totally relate bout the haystack thingy... keep ur head up! As Mulder and Schully says, "The one is out there" Tama ba un?

Ingatz... ^_^

deeken said...

Sometimes, there is something good about being single. We are not loveless if we have our family and friends who always stick around us.

After a few relationships that didn't work out, I thought I wanted to be single until I'm 25 or even 30. But something came up which I couldn't refuse. I'd say I didn't really want it, I silently prayed for it.

Tommy said...

I appreciate the comment....I guess you proved me wrong

simoncpu said...

Hi waxie,

Singlehood is one of life's blessings. Enjoy it while it lasts... =)

[ simon.cpu ]

ballot said...

you are 23 and yes, you dont have a boyfriend but it doesnt mean that you're loveless. dont pressure yourself, your time will come.
im also picky but i got lucky...i managed to pick the right guy. when we went official, i never really thought our relationship will last for 7 years after all the we've been through. believe me, you'll meet him in time.
you'll never know he's someone you never expected for a boyfriend.

claine said...

kabalo ka wax, duha na ta, single, happy, and praying... :)
ayaw kabalaka, kay pareha ra na sa butang na nawala, makit-an na nimo basta wala na nimo gipangita... muabot ra na nato... :)

wen kaha ta kita ninyo balik? di paman ko kalibre gud, la pa money.. hehe! text2x lang nya ta... :)

waxie said...

Single and happY! hahaha. thanks guys.. well, i love being single. sometimes it is the companionship we crave but as simon said, truly there is what we call "single blessedness".