Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Something Fishy

Couldn't remember when was the last time I made an entry in this blog. I just remembered that I have a blogspot. Dory syndrome strikes again!

I have always had a good memory. I could remember names in one snap of a finger. That was then. But now, I tend to be very forgetful, and I keep reading lines again and again to place those words in the deep recesses of my brain. I think this affects my work speed. I keep thinking I'm really now becoming Dory - with the brain of a fish. OMG!

As I said, history tends to repeat itself. It really really does. I mean I liked this guy, and they he likes the girl I don't like. Guy disregarded. I again liked another guy, guy likes the same girl I didn't like!! Mr. history.. come on, don't keep on going in circles! Spare me just this time. Well, maybe that's a sign that I should look for another. They say that there are many fishes in the ocean, well, true. But ponder on this - there are sharks, fishes with thorns, colored but poisoned fishes, little fishes, big fishes, weird fishes, and so few nemos. And they say that the ratio for men to women is 1:3. And many men become priests! Even if 1/2 women in the world become nuns, still the ratio would not become 1:1! Well maybe I should think of getting myself cloistered and seriously considering of being a woman of cloth. What do you think?

Just this afternoon, I realized that this world is so full of change. Nothing ever ever stays the same (how poor of me to realize this just now! Dory syndrom full blast again!). People change, health changes, work changes, time flies fast, children grow up, people get married (which I doubt will happen to me, I'll invite you if ever I do), dogs die, processors get obsolete, hair becomes white, people die, fishes get eaten up. It always goes round and round. And now I end up with fish again. History does repeat itself. LOL. ROFL.


deeken said...

Nice reading your blog. Well if we're gonna be fishes, I guess that would be ok as long as I don't become a dog.

waxie said...

hahaha. well i'd rather be a dog than be a fish. ^_^