Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Blots of the Past (No Regrets)

It all started one windy day in summer,
It felt perfect, like happy ever after
Felt I could ask for no other but you
Still thinking that you're my dream come true

I felt my heart flutter as I caught a glimpse of you that day
I shut my eyes so tight, I don't know what to say
As you draw near I felt my breathe escape
I know with you I'll always feel safe

But then I see everything clearly in you eyes
They seem to have lost their sparkle, I can see lies
In those pools of brown I know you're hiding something
My love, come on, please tell me everything!

But still you kept silent as the leaves fly by
I could feel my eyes brimming, oh I wanna cry
Why now, when everything's so perfect, all in place?
Please say something, oh God, I'm in a daze!

Awkwardly you started to move, and encircled you hands around me
You slowly carress my hair, and lift my chin so I can see you clearly
But why are those stares so sad and so guilty?
Why can't you just pour on me the reality?

You hug me tight, as if you're afraid to let go
You whisper words I've heard not so long ago
But those I don't want to hear
You began to tell the story as I wiped a tear

Your heart's owned by another, you told me so
Can't imagine her kissing you, on the planes I so know
Can't imagine her saying those three words, which I always do
Can't iimagine her replying the same words, words that used to be true to both me and you

As the sun sets in the far horizon
Now crying for you is an action to which I have no reason
Though it may hurt this much,
I have enough courage for one last touch

Alas! Goodbye I say to you
I once thought that our love will be forever true

But because of you I'll be afraid to love another
And will never believe in happy ever after

As the day draws to a close,
I remember that everything is done with a purpose
Loving you I know is with a reason
Your leaving hurts as much as the prickling heat this season

And now as I read the last few lines of my diary
And try to recall the remaining events in my memory
I come to conclude that one big fact is true:
I'll never regret that I loved you.

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