Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Blots of the Past (Old poem) - Spare Me a Chance

I remember the times we've talked with each other
Coming home late, daddy's scoldings I didn't bother
When you called, I pushed myself to be there for you
But seemingly you didn't recognize the things I do

I didn't care as long as I had you
I didn't complain for the things you've put me through
I wasn't afraid whether you loved me or not
For you I was a puppy, more like a mutt

I've been writing these love poems, silly me
I've been dying for you to read them and let you see
That I love you this much, O stupid me!
To be blinded by your loving actions, how foolish of me

A year of friendship, four seasons passed
You're now too far from me, nothing's left alas!
But the memories we've shared together as friends
Do you still treat me as one, or now all ends?

You don't even bother to call me nor write me
I'm in pain, still want to reconcile with thee
But our friendship's dying, like a rose in the desert
A thread of love remains amidst the turmoil and the hurt

Have you even thought of me lately?
My thoughts of you are really driving me crazy
All I want is for you to put some importance
On our wilting friendship, give it a chance.

(010102 - 11:09pm)


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