Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Blots of the Past (Old poem) - Pattern

Just a friend, I keep telling myself
Risked my heart, my friend lend me help
Again don't punish me, make no games
No spinning the bottle nor writing FLAMES

Over and over I keep reminding myself
Don't make your heart fall, don't hurt yourself
I can't help it but I'm really hit
Love's arrow struck me, I'm thrown in a pit

Once more I can't be hurt, this feeling's weird
Vowed never to love you, this I feared
Entered the kingdom of love, I'm lost
Young woman's heart torn I'm toast!

Once in love, forever trapped
Unanimously knocked out, I'm zapped!
You show me some signs but they confuse me
Please confirm if I'm really just a friend or do you love me?

-written by waxie (2000)

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