Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Blots of the Past (Old poem) - Him

I first met him at the school halls
Back then he didn't catch my glance
Like my thoughts of never loving frogs nor trolls
I braved I would never give him a chance

Unfortunately I began to notice him
But not in clothes nor skin
Everything came out of the blue
And pierced my heart deep within

For months a friendship blossomed and stayed
But still I felt sad, day and day dismayed
I shool my head, many times I said no
My brain begs me to stop but my heart shouts "Go!"

I permitted him to enter and break my heart
I was a martyr, I kept falling apart
For him I'm a friend, nothing more, nothing less
But that didn't make me love him less

I learned to expect the unexpected
I never know I'd go through this, this I never wanted
I never knew I'd hurt this much I'd suffer
And lose my chance of happy ever after

(083001 - 10:40pm)

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