Tuesday, October 11, 2005

(101005 - 11:03pm): Pan

A needle to the deafening silence
A ripple on the surface of calm waters
A perplexing thought in my common sense
Forging deep curves on my dark corners

A speck of white on the all black sky
A shy turtle amidst a thousand rabbits,
An ounce of courage when you really feel like crying
A piece of diamond broken into bits and pieces

A drop of water on a scorching desert
A piece of driftwood on Titanic's downfall
A smile amidst the pain and the hurt
The strike of midnight on Cinderella's ball

A flower's bloom on a winter's snow
Splotches of ink flowing out of my pen
Someday I'll regret this, I know
Having the same feeling all over again

1 comment:

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